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Welcome to Tours by city girl

Embark on a memorable journey through Chicago’s art, architecture & history with Tours by City Girl. Led by Mimi Fron, a certified tour guide & blogger, each tour is a personalized exploration of the city’s vibrant culture.

Perfect for first-time visitors to Chicago, Tours by City Girl crafts unique, private experiences tailored to each guest’s interests & preferences.

I have received accolades for my insightful tours and personalized service, ensuring every guest enjoys a memorable and enriching experience.

Meet Mimi Fron
As a native Chicagoan, certified tour guide & blogger, I have explored all that Chicago has to offer—art, architecture, history, food, music, 77 unique neighborhoods and I am thrilled to share my discoveries with you.

Many of my clients ask how or why I became a tour guide. Here’s my story. Professionally, I am a recovering graphic designer/art director. As a creative person, I was naturally drawn to the art & architecture abundant in Chicago.

I was accepted into the highly regarded docent training with the Chicago Architecture Center (CAC) while I was an Art Director. In exchange for the wealth of information & education I gleaned from local experts, I volunteered to give walking tours. It was an enjoyable & educational distraction from a stressful job and helped me get over my fear of speaking in front of crowds.

After volunteering for five years as a docent, I realized my interest in tourism and became a part-time freelance tour guide. Over the last ten years, I have worked for many different tour companies and have lead groups on a variety of routes. I am delighted that I can now add, owner of a tour guide business to the mix.

One of the best things about being a tour guide is meeting & connecting with truly incredible people who share my love of learning from all over the world!

Honoring Our diverse culture

Preserving Chicago’s Cultural Legacy Through Guided Tours

Celebrating Chicago’s Art, Architecture & History

Tours by City Girl is committed to preserving and sharing the rich cultural heritage of Chicago through engaging tours that captivate and educate.

Our vision at Tours by City Girl is to inspire a deeper appreciation for Chicago’s art, architecture & history by offering memorable, immersive tours that showcase the city’s beauty and diversity.

Proceeds donated to local chicago organization


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