John Hughes Movie Location Tour by Car – $525

Are you a huge fan of John Hughes films of the 80s? Which one? Uncle Buck, Ferris Bueller’s Day Off, Sixteen Candles? Then this is the perfect all-day tour for you! Considered his love letters to the Chicagoland area (he grew up in Northbrook, a suburb of Chicago), these iconic teenage pop culture films have been loved by many.

We will visit several movie locations from some memorable John Hughes films; where Uncle Buck lived in Wrigleyville, the Home Alone house, Sam Baker’s house from Sixteen Candles, and multiple Ferris Bueller’s Day Off movie locations. A blast from the past!

Thank you! A portion of each tour cost will be donated to My Block My Hood My City

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This is a special tour of Chicagoland from Wrigley Field to Winnetka, where we check out some famous movie locations from the beloved, relatable John Hughes films!

– where Uncle Buck lived (only when CUBs are away)

– Sam Baker’s house

– Home Alone house

– Glencoe Church

– Jake Ryan’s House

– multiple Ferris Bueller’s Day Off movie sites (driving down LSD, the Art Insitute of Chicago, Ferris’ dads’ office, Cameron’s dad’s garage

Pick up from & drop off to your Chicago downtown hotel. This tour lasts for 5 hrs. We’ll stop to grab some snacks mid-tour.

This is just an overall guide, and we will adjust it as needed depending on different factors (weather/traffic).

I will rent an insured car comfortable for 3 people. This tour is only available Mon-Fri.


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